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The focus of our work is on the development and specific implementation of projects in the fields of urban development, housing and mobility. In the process, we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions and approaches. Our work generally does not end with a design or draft; it only ends when we can also realise our ideas.

Research activities, mainly in the fields of cost-efficient construction, multimodal mobility systems and energy-efficient urban development, enhance our portfolio and enable the continuous further development of our services. During seminars and specialist lectures, we present our know-how to a broader public for discussion.

urban development

District development

  • Cooperative planning procedures
  • Mission statement and vision development
  • Zoning support
  • Instruments for quality assurance

Property development

  • Urban development expertise in planning projects
  • Contractual land use planning
  • Potential analyses

Citywide urban strategies

  • Urban strategies with a focus on housing, social issues and mobility
  • Urban development plans
  • Process design, control and organisation

Planning communication

  • Participation processes/formats
  • Presentation of planning tasks/processes
  • Illustration and visualisation of complex planning tasks/processes
  • Specialist workshops


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Project development – idea and reality.

  • Project idea and guiding principle
  • Development planning
  • Utilisation concepts
  • Property analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project preparation

Cooperative project management – project & team.

  • Client representation
  • Developer calculation
  • Business management
  • Project leadership
  • Project control
  • Costing
  • Local construction supervision
  • General planning

Process support – people & buildings.

  • Concepts for social sustainability
  • Process design for participation and community building, thematic workshops
  • Settlement management
  • Interface communication
  • Client consultation
  • Presentation and mediation
  • PR and participation


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Mobility concepts

  • Mobility concepts for construction projects, neighbourhoods and districts
  • Operating concepts (preparation with mobility companies)
  • Mobility concepts for cities and regions with a focus on shared mobility

Research and consulting

  • Consulting in the field of urban mobility strategies and planning
  • Research projects and specialist talks in the field of ‘Living and mobility’
  • Policy consultation and policy building


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